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5 Top Comfort Clothing Brands in India | Trending Lifestyle


As you all know the lockdown that was imposed on us changed our lifestyle to a large extent. Workplaces were shifted to our abodes and going outside was completely restricted. In such a scenario people started looking for clothing options that will not only suit their work-from-home life but will also be trendy, comfortable, and all. However, the need for comfort clothing brands was there before lockdown also but the demands boosted during the lockdown. As we know every industry works based on its consumers’ demands. Hence more and more brands started launching their comfort clothing line. The brands that I am mentioning today are some of the very popular homegrown clothing brands. These brands in a very less time made their way up the success ladder by offering amazing clothes that are not only comfortable but also will cater to your needs for trendy, up-to-date clothing. So, have a look at these top comfort clothing brands and choose your favorite.

🌑 5 Top Comfort Clothing Brands in India

As I mentioned in my last article, comfortable clothing is the latest trend these days. Clothes being one of the basic and most important necessities, people tend to choose them with the utmost attention. You must choose the right clothing for yourself. This is so because if your clothes are comfortable you’ll be able to listen to what your body needs without the distraction of feeling squeezed or out of breath. Enjoying movement is also easier when you aren’t distracted by your clothes. Therefore allow me to introduce to you people some clothing brands that are not only amazing but will fit under your budget range. Below is the list of all those brands.


Prabhkiran Singh — CEO, Co-Founder — Bewakoof.com.

Although I have detailed about this brand in my last article, since this brand is my favorite, it has to be included in this list. This brand was founded in 2012 by Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot. Bewakoof offers clothing that is not only comfortable but is trendy and offers dazzling and upbeat designs. This brand was created with principles like innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness. The brand not only offers good clothing but some amazing mobile covers. All I can say about the brand is that it is hands down an amazing brand when it comes to creating light-hearted, fun, and quirky everyday outfits and other products (like mobile covers).

Moreover, it is one of the fastest-growing online-only fashion and lifestyle brands with over 3000+ style trends, 2 million followers on Facebook, and 10 Bollywood movies merchandise, and more to come. You can find clothes for all genders from the age group 15–35 and the price range varies from ₹200 to ₹1000. So what are you waiting for? Go check their website bewakoof.com and I bet you will fall in love with their collection. I also mentioned about their latest addition to collections known as Badera Collection


Aditya Sharma — Co-founder & Director — The Souled Store.

This brand whose name speaks for itself. This brand was founded in 2013 and since then there is no looking back. The brand has rendered over 150 licenses from top brands — Marvel, DC, WWE, Warner Bros, and much more. According to the makers “There was no one who was fulfilling the demand of a great product with good design and quality at an affordable price. We’ve had a tremendous journey. While there were lots of ups and downs initially but they learned and grew eventually”. They even claimed that the thought of fulfilling the demands of the customers who need apparels that not only have better designs but also have good quality. They themselves being die-hard fans of TV characters, knew how people are very interested in such lines.

When the others were suffering during the pandemic and all the businesses moving from office to abode, these people experienced a boost. This brand offers clothing for all genders and sizes. The age limit varies from 15–35. And the price range is also very minimal. It starts from ₹299 and then goes up to ₹1200. They have a large variety to offer. So go guys and check out your favorite apparel before they go out of stock.


Saniya Shaikh — Co-Founder — Bonkers.

Bonkers corner is a place where you can find a wide variety of merchandise including prints of art, music, games, quotes, and more. Like other brands even this brand operates online and also the sales have boosted during the lockdown. The site is organized well and is divided into different categories helping people find out what they need in a blink of an eye. Like the above-mentioned sites, bonkers is also a gender-neutral site. No matter what your needs are, bonkers is the place for you. Products ranging from oversized tee to bottoms for men and from cropped t-shirts to tanks and camisoles for women are all available.

Apart from clothing this brand also deals in the accessories section that includes trendy bucket hats and face masks. The reasons why you should opt for this brand are an immense variety of amazing products, Affordable Pricing, Easy Shipping & Refund / Exchange Policy (free shipping is available on orders above ₹1499). With a belief in the quote “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”, they give you a chance to explore innumerable varieties of clothes for both men and women that are available in all different sizes and colors. The price range begins from ₹300 and then it goes up. Apparels are available in all sizes.


The brand Wear Your Opinion was launched in 2011. Just like the name of the brand their apparel is based on satire and parody of the finest sort, that which is aimed at ourselves. The t-shirts that are created by this brand are not only created in-house as well as contributed by designers across India. The thing that amused me the most about this brand is that they invite designers to look at our society, culture, system and pinpoint things that ridicule, trouble and annoy us and then they bring that Indianness on their t-shirts. The Team of WYO says

“These Tees are not only great in quality but also wonderfully cut and stitched. We then release one original and exclusive design every week at a lower price of 399/- and after a week this design is moved into our archive where it is available for a higher price i.e. 449/-. Every Design has a very witty writeup with complete credits to the designer.” The age limit ranges from 18–30. Available for all genders and in all sizes. So guys if you are looking for clothes that will challenge the societal taboos without hurting anybody’s feelings then this is your brand.


Last but not at all least, instead one of the leading and amazing brands is Urban Theka. This brand is the one which is loved dearly by my brothers and me. The one thing that Punjabi people don’t mind is wearing Punjabiyat on their sleeves. No matter where they are, be it India or abroad they love to maintain a good relationship with their traditions and take the merry everywhere. Even the signboard of the store says ‘Theka Khushiyan Da’. The products of this brand are curated by keeping in mind Punjab’s colorful, humorous and vibrant life. Some people even call their stores mini Punjab.

The makers of this brand worked with an idea which is,” to merge Punjab’s age-old rural culture with its modernity”. The shirts have quotes like “Dheet (stubborn) by Nature” and “Installing muscles — Bass Vekhi chall”. Even the showrooms are designed beautifully to give people a Punjabi feel. In their stores, you will find chiselled figurines of Punjabi women churning butter using ‘madhaani’, women using charkhas. They try to highlight Punjab’s history by figurines and busts of personalities like ‘Mai Bhago’, ‘Banda Bahadur’, a life-size statue of ‘Maharaja Ranjit Singh’ and many more. The price range varies from ₹500 to ₹1500. Available for all genders and in all sizes. Apart from clothing, they deal with accessories too. Accessories like key chains, car hangings, and much more stuff like that.

With the hope that all the suggestions that are mentioned above will help you in choosing the right wardrobe collection for you, I would like to take a leave. Also, stay safe, stay classy. Your Opinion matters a lot.

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