Disconnect to connect

Social Media detox

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal

Before beginning today’s topic I would like to ask a question to you people. The answer to it is something which you need to give to yourself.

Do you ever feel bored and don’t know what to do?

It is said that if you are feeling bored, that’s essential because you can’t sit alone or you don’t enjoy your company. You are always in a need of someone or something that will keep you occupied. Most of us resort to our mobile phones thinking of them as our saviors.

Social media is a thing that has become a very important part of our life. During this quarantine period sitting at home, idle, not doing anything has made us a slave and dependent on these gadgets.

Hence today my topic is about the necessity of social media detox.


Social media today with its multiple features have enchanted us into its magic. Today no one is safe from the charm that it has cast on us. Whether it be entertainment or connecting with our nears and dears social media has it all.

Social media provides us a platform to share everything. From our pictures to the most important events that were only a concern for our relatives is now an event for everyone. Whether it be heartbreaks or some happy event, we have a buffet of emotions to choose from and even we can add to the provided menu.

Whenever we skim and scroll through our news feeds a spectrum of emotions arises.

The buffet that will be presented to you will serve your emotions. They will have the power to bring you joy, new insights, and thoughtful moments. It can make you feel less alone, can cause envy, self-criticism, sadness, and even disillusionment or distrust.

As we all know that every coin has two sides, one bad and one good. It’s upon us, we should be the ones who should know that when the ride becomes bumpy we need to get down from it.

We have been using social media for very long and due to the voracious use of these sites, we are aware of the benefits. But what we are not aware of is the mess that it has created in our lives. So let’s move to the next section of our article.

That is ….

Offline is the new luxury

Negative Effects of Social Media

  1. Depression
  2. Alienation
  3. Distortion of reality
  4. Addiction to social media
  5. Sleep disorders
  6. Misinformation

There are some very useful steps for Social Media Detox (click to read )that you must try.

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