How to be a minimalist?

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How to be a Minimalist ? | Meaning of Minimalism

The covid-19 pandemic has brought us to ask difficult questions to ourselves. We witnessed people suffering without a stable income or no income at all. The limitations of multiple resources have taught us that maybe less is more! With the lack of online delivery and shops shut down, we realized that we could survive without luxurious expenses; this familiarized us with the meaning of Minimalism and how to be a minimalist With small businesses booming worldwide and people becoming influencers in various fields on social media, we saw many fashion influencers reusing their closets to make a new style statement. The idea is to utilize the most out of what we have instead of going mad over a shopping spree and avoiding the unnecessary.

A wide range of industries has adapted to the idea of Minimalism, from skincare to lifestyle. One great example is the expansion of Minimalism to “Skinimalism,” a new natural and minimal skincare routine trend. The idea of Minimalism is also prominent in the bringing in the art movement; building /interior designers have started to showcase minimal and subtle design instead of going overboard with luxury and expensive decorations.

What is being minimalist?

The term minimalist assists you in finding freedom from worry, guilt, and peace in the simplest of things. Minimalism lightens the burden to “be extra,” but instead, it encourages owning fewer possessions; it’s about utility, elegance, and simplicity.

When you describe a minimalist person, it would be someone whose interest is in keeping things simple. It’s not only about scrapping off the material things but also removing unfulfilling commitments, relationships from your life. The desire or a wish that prevents you from living your best life is better off the hooks than affecting your mental peace. Mental health has been most affected among people who got stuck alone during the pandemic. A lot of us dread living alone, but the lockdown made us do unimaginable things.

Minimalistic philosophy

The minimalist philosophy means being confident with what you have. The more you have, the more you worry about it. We often confuse the modern lifestyle with unnecessary cluttering that leads to increased anxiety and a sense of dissatisfaction. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed seeing other people’s lives, we disrupt ours trying to be like them. You don’t need to overload, that’s the general sense of being a minimalist lifestyle.

When you’re little, you worry less, have fewer responsibilities, and have more free will. Whereas when you grow up, you feel the dead weight of obligations and commitments that overshadows your personal growth. It sounds sad, but this is what you have to keep fighting for, to maintain your liberty and being content with less. It’s about learning what matters to you and embracing it rather than stocking your life with trash.

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