Benefits of Protein | 14 Foods rich in Protein

Proteins keep you healthy and fit

Proteins are considered as one of the most important ingredients in a proper diet as proteins are the building blocks of the body. They provide growth factors to our muscles, cells, and tissues which keep them healthy and encourage them to function properly. Proteins help in accounting for the daily wear and tear of the muscles and speeds up the recovery process.

Since it assists the human body with a speedy recovery, it’s considered a very important ingredient. However, apart from these, there are many other benefits of proteins which will definitely motivate you to increase its content in your diet. But do remember that the amount should not increase the limited range. Here is a list below which deals with the benefits of protein:

Benefits of Protein

1- Reduces appetite and hunger:

If you are reducing weight then you should replace carbs and fats with proteins. The weight that will be shed by this, will last longer.

2- Improves heart health:

Also, in addition to this higher protein intake can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in our body.

3- Strong Immune system and Boosts Metabolism:

Our body tends to release antibodies to fight against the diseases. The antibiotics released are specific protein types and can detect foreign elements. Hence, proteins are necessary. As for the metabolism part, proteins can temporarily increase the body’s metabolism. According to the thermic effect of food, our body uses calories to digest and uses the nutrients in the food. Since it has a stronger thermic effect than fats and carbs, proteins will hence increase the body’s metabolism.

4- Improved bone strength and Increases Muscle mass:

Now, in case of muscle mass, I mentioned earlier that proteins are considered the building blocks of muscles. Consumption of an adequate amount of proteins can also help in maintaining muscle mass and also promotes its growth.

5- Boosts energy levels and weight loss maintenance:

Moreover, according to a study increasing the amount of this nutrient in our diet can help us in not only reduction of our weight, but also help in maintaining it. If we increase the amount of protein from 15% to 18% of your calories helped reduce weight regain by 50%. Hence, a permanent increase of protein in our diet can do wonders.

6- Skincare and Cell and tissue recovery:

As we know the cells and tissues in our body need to undergo a continuous renewal and recovery process to function properly. These cells and tissues begin to perish themselves after a couple of weeks. This is where the proteins come. They help in creating new replenished cells to replace the deceased ones.

So these are some benefits of protein. They are not the whole but are enough to make you realize how important it is to increase the number of protein nutrients in one’s diet. Now let’s move to our other section which will be about foods rich in protein…

Vegetarians and non-vegetarian foods rich in proteins

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