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An ancient Chinese therapy

Benefits of Jade Gua Sha stone for face — Hey people, Hope you all are having a great start of 2021. I am sure most of you have already begun to work towards your New Year Resolution. Well, my New year resolution is not new. It is still the same and that’s what I always promote, Self-care, and Self-love.
Today, through this post I am going to talk about another way of pampering your self. Skincare is a very important part of self-care and self-love especially for women, and hence I have decided to write about the very trending thing in the beauty industry 2020–2021. That is Jade Gua Sha Stone Facial Massage for that youthful glow and rejuvenation. I have been following this Jade Gua Sha stone massage for face for past 2 months now.

About Gua Sha

Gua sha Massage is an Ancient Chinese wellness treatment in which skin is scraped for the natural drainage of lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are basically the tiny structures in our body that filter harmful substances. They are made from immune cells that help in fighting infection by destroying germs that are carried in through lymph fluid. There are hundreds of lymph nodes that are available in our body throughout. Gua Sha is made from natural and non-porous jade stones, a type of marble stone that heals the skin as per Ancient Chinese healers.

Gua Sha drains the lymph nodes and also promotes blood circulation. These two special features make it a magic stone as it blesses every part it touches.. There are many other benefits of a Jade Gua Sha Stone. But in today’s post, we are just going to focus on Its benefits for the face. The Jade Gua Sha facial tools are used for natural face lifting. Many people think that it works as a natural botox treatment without injections, but to get that benefit, you should start it at the right age. It is much beneficial in filtering and eliminating toxins to balance the fluids in the body. Basically, it heals and balances our inner energies. It makes us sense the balance and harmony within.

Benefits Jade Gua Sha stone for the face

Using gua sha stone for facial massage gives the following benefits if used regularly.

  • Helps in skin rejuvenation by massaging and intentionally scraping

How to use a Gua Sha for face. (click to read more)

My experience of Gua Sha massage on face (click to read more)

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