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To become one’s backbone in life, first of all, we need to strengthen our bones. We can achieve success, face challenges and overcome all the barriers in life when we are strong enough to handle them. Health is one of the greatest assets of our life. Life is beautiful when we are blessed with a healthy and wealthy life. Wealth is worthless when we are not healthy. So let’s go ahead and take some steps to make our life healthier and bones stronger.

3 Ways to get strong bones

In our previous article, we have covered the Importance of Strong and Healthy Bones . Now, here are three basic habits, which are really basic but still are missing in the life of most of us. They are very easy to follow and require no investment. No special medicines and supplements needed if you follow these regularly and motivate your child for the same. If you children start these habits, they can have a stronger health in future.


Walking is the best method to strengthen our bones. Walking strengthens our muscles And it also helps us for building our bones. The world is developing all around. Technically there are lots of changes happening in this world and in our country India. Many changes we can see while comparing to the olden days when there were fewer numbers of playgrounds, but there were lots of children to play. While now there are lots of playgrounds made by the government as well as private individuals, but children are not interested to play. In fact, they are addicted to playing indoor games.

People are gaining more weight. And when it comes to the matter of bones, their bones are weaker than the elder generation. Do you ever think why it is so? Our elder generations don’t know much about technology. Though they didn’t have any vehicles during those days, they were physically much stronger than us. Even if there was no gymnastics at that time, they had a stable weight. They lived a healthy life. The reason behind all this is; people at that time used to walk from meters to kilometers. While we can’t walk a few steps from our home doors to the shops nearby us! Laziness leads our bones to become weaker. So let us begin to walk and let’s keep ourselves active, stronger, and healthier. Only 30 to 45 minutes of walking per day will boost the strength of our bones.


Bones bear our body weight. Our body has a perfect shape because our bones are placed correctly. Bones are thin, it’s our duty to make them stronger. If we gain more weight, our bones can’t bear them. So always get a balanced weight which our bones can bear.

    Consume lots of vegetables. Vegetables can be prepared in our home itself without getting dependent upon other chemical foods from outside. Vegetables are also very good for bones.
  • Eat foods with high calcium during day time. Such as; milk, cheese, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, and other dairy food.
  • Vitamin-D is good for building a stronger and healthier bone. Egg contains a high quantity of vitamin-D. Enjoy your meal and build your bones well. Here is Natural sources of Vitamin D.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol are injurious to health. Even it is warned in cigarette packs and alcohol bottles themselves. Buying a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of alcohol is equal to creating a pathway to death by yourself. Smoking affects for heart, bones, kidneys, and many other parts of our body. The impact of drinking alcohol is also the same as smoking. Instead of wasting money by purchasing cigarettes and alcohol, fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods for you and your family members. And in your olden days let others seek guidance for physical training from you instead of you seeking help from others to step outside from home.


Vitamin-D is very helpful to keep our bones more strong. Walking under the sunlight is beneficial to our bones. Sunlight provides vitamin-D. While we walk under sunlight, our body starts to produce its vitamin-D and thereby making our bones stronger. The benefit of vitamin-D is not only to strengthen our bones. But it’s very helpful for making a healthy body in many ways. Such as; vitamin-D also can heal the broken bones And it’s also good for keeping our teeth stronger.

Sitting inside the four walls is not good for our body. It will make us lazy, increase our body weight by eating without doing any exercises, And we’ll also not be able to consume sunlight thereby it leads for the limitation of vitamin-D which will make our bones weaker. So it’s better to get out of our home and to live a happy and healthy life.

“Come out from the shelter,This is the pathway to become healthier!”

Following are the benefits for our bones we get when we go out

  • Walking is an exercise for all of our body parts. While we start to walk, body movements also take place And it will keep us active and our bones will become strong.
  • While we go out of our homes, sunlight will start to fall upon our bodies. Sunlight is a very good light which will produce vitamin-D and that’s beneficial for strong bones.
  • Walking helps us to lose our body weight. If you are looking for a healthy body then a healthy weight doesn’t mean heavyweight. Heavyweight is not good for a healthy life. Overweight will create many more diseases. And then we have to face many health issues if we gain weight more than the weight of our age. So always try to keep your weight proportionate to your height and age. We stay healthier and stronger when we have a stable weight and healthy habits.
  • Besides the advantages of sunlight for bones, there are other benefits of sunlight to our body such as; Walking under the sunlight will improve blood circulation which will protect us from getting other blood-related diseases. It also sharpens the functioning of a brain thereby you will become an efficient and scholar. Walking under sunlight makes our muscles stronger. And it kills all the bad bacteria that exists in our body.

Hence, these are some natural ways by which you can make your bones stronger and improve your bone health. These should be some basic habits that we need to inculcate in our children also so that they get strong bones and can lead a healthy life ahead. These steps are very easy but very effective. Make it sure, you start these things as soon as possible and make yourself stronger. Please click on the link below to read more interesting articles.

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