15 Best Adaptogen Herbs and Their Benefits

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2 min readJul 20, 2021

Adaptogen Herbs Benefits — During old ages instead of going for allopathic treatments, people believed in plants and trees for a cure for their ailment. This was the time when science was not that popular as it is today. However, with the changing times, the trust towards plants disappeared. We need things that will be hassle-free, will take less time to react, more effective, and will suit the changing demands of society.

The covid wave that struck this world made people realize that only those who are there attached to their roots and have not forgotten the wonders of Mother nature can survive the worst. As a result, more and more people started shifting towards the Desi way to keep themselves strong. I won’t say allopathic medicines are harmful because they contain these herbs but along with that, to make them more effective they also contain other things. That’s the reason why it is suggested it’s better to remain attached to the roots.

All this herbal talk and natural stuff reminded me of my last article. My last article was about What are Adaptogens? However, if you are a regular reader of our blog you will know that I mentioned that there is much more to this article and hence will be covered in my second article. So here I am to complete my article. The topic of today’s article is TYPES OF ADAPTOGENS AND THEIR BENEFITS.

Ps- I would like to recommend that before reading this article you should read my earlier article about the same. So, that the picture gets clear about Adaptogens.


The reason why I asked you to read the previous article first. It’s because then it will be easier for you to understand adaptogens in detail. After all, over here I’ll be mentioning a little bit about it and not the whole story. “Adaptogens are essentially a class of herbs (found in many herbal supplements) that are intended to boost your resistance to and tolerance of stress-emotional and physical.” As the name suggests, adaptogens tend to adapt to meet your needs. For example, if you are tired they will provide you the much-needed energy or if you are restless they will help you in relaxing down.

Apart from stress, restlessness they also deal with the issues like headaches, dry eye, high blood pressure, and even cancer. So this was a sneak peek as to what is there in the previous article and without any delay let’s dive further into today’s topic. Adaptogen herbs benefits.(click to read)



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